Mixtapes for Hookers

Sunday News

One of my favorite groups, The Lucksmiths, played their final-ever show this week in their native Australia.  Clever for clever’s sake, but actually quite clever, they’ve made some of my favorite indie-pop of the last fifteen years (ie. Under The Rotunda, The Golden Age of Aviation, and the song above, There Is A Boy That Never Goes Out.)

Here’s a really good post on RI prostitution. [via Almost Diamonds]

And a really terrible editorial at the Providence Journal.  I still think it’s moronic and self-aggrandizing to say that “people across America are laughing at us,” as though people across America don’t have their own problems to think about.

Blackwater accused of using Iraqi children as prostitutes.  (This story’s almost three weeks old, but I only just learned about it.)  Why this should be any surprise I don’t even know, but if you’re interested in Blackwater at all I suggest following the Twitter of expert/Dreamiest Man Ever Jeremy Scahill.

Yale University Press self-censors book for fear of Muslim reaction, despite the book passing Yale’s vetting system.  Interesting read, though I’m not totally up on the subject.

Rusty Kanokogi took gold at the 1959 New York State YMCA judo championship, but was stripped of her medal when folks realized she was a woman.  This year, the Y gave her a lifetime achievement award.

Horse’s asses.

Wonder Sauna Hot Pants.


Finally, this is probably not news that you care about, but my favorite place to go for lunch got evicted recently and will be shutting down next month.  Annoyingly, the landlord that evicted them is a major arts non-profit, and while the issue is probably one involving a couple of people there’s a ridiculous amount of hostility directed towards both parties now.

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