Mixtapes for Hookers

Sunday News


The top-selling UK singles of each year, ranked by beats per minute.  The Beatles’ Can’t Buy Me Love is by far the fastest, and maybe the best.  (The only other two that come close, I think, are Don’t You Want Me (1982) and Baby One More Time (1999).

The New York Times is digging the Hos (and the hookers and callgirls and rentboys.)  This is on my to-read list.

Someone somewhere thought it was genuinely fine in 2009 to OK production of a black doll named Lil Monkey.  And it wasn’t until customers complained that Costco thought to pull it from its shelves.  [via Womanist Musings]

Aaron Zinman over at MIT tries to define your online persona.  You just type your name and it trolls the web for mentions.  Though it doesn’t work if you have the same name as a celebrity (thanks, Mom) all the flashing blinky hoohahs are pretty fun to watch.  Still, almost every name I tried got a disproportionately high “sports” result.

The death of Geocities reminds us all that things you put on the internet aren’t necessarily going to stay there forever.

Johann Hari from the Independent (UK) on the right wing’s flight from reality.

I want Larry Krone and Jim Andralis to be my two new boyfriends.

Bears In Games.

[photo of old-school WWF wrestlers from Bears In Games]

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