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Either The Right Wing Or The Left Wing Thinks RI Genitalia Are Diseased
August 18, 2009, 11:02 am
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So, uh, one of my articles about prostitution in Rhode Island got linked to in this piece from ChristWire. I spent most of the later hours of last night trying to figure out whether ChristWire is real or not, and nobody I asked seems to be sure. However, Rhode Island is described as “a veiny little pouch of debauchery” that hangs like the “diseased genitalia of New England.” There seems to be a vague, uneasy theory that it’s an Onion-ish sort of thing, although really who can say? [Also, I feel like if it were satire it would be more popular. Only 19 Google Reader subscribers? I have more than that, for God’s sake. Also, their ads appear to be real, and I doubt eHarmony and The Economist would be advertising on a lefty satire site. Right? On the other hand, none of their writers seem to exist anywhere else on the internet.  I feel so dumb/insecure for not knowing.  Holy Mother Night!]

Anyway, if you’re into laughing at racists, check out commenter JaniceFun, who, again, may or may not be real:

There are practically no strip clubs in Utah (and I don’t believe Mormonism is godly, but they do live by there own version of faith) and none in Minnasota, Wisconsin, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, etc. And those places don’t have any real minorities to speak of. That’s not a coincidence!!!! As for Rhode Island, there Catholics and maybe thats why they have strip clubs. Other Christian faiths can be calmer and don’t need all the pomp, and I want to love the Catholics I really do but you have to admit they are a little gaudy and overdressed and there services are indulgent in a way that doesnt seem all too Christian. But they are better than the Mormons in my book. I dont think a man should have more than one wife. But anyway, yes its true the minorities love hookers and sex clubs. You always find them close to ghettos and big cities while white suburbs and gated communties have none. Sorry Claire, but its the facts!

In any event, there’s a hilarious amount of inaccuracies in the article, though really I’m still more puzzled by the site than anything else.  People I know are commenting there and getting responses right away.  If it’s a joke it’s kind of a long-running one… And pretty involved, since it seems to be a joke that absolutely no one is in on.  (And what to make of Claire, the one liberal commenter, who comments multiple times on literally every post?  Is she just naive and bored?  Or are Claire and JaniceFun the same person?  And either way, why?  Am I suddenly the most humorless and stuffy person alive for not getting this? Etc…)

Also, in case you were wondering, there isn’t really a place called Airport Anal.  Or the Barrington Country Club, for that matter.

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I dont see anything wrong with my comment that you quote and anyways isnt that copyright violation to take my content on your site? What a awful site it is. You have devoted your life to destroying all sorts of wonderful morality I see and it is worthy of a doctors visit to cure your insanity. Or do you somehow make money from this nasty obsesion of yours? I see the armies of left wing nutjobs have risen to defend hookers. The is no way you can defend something so painful and illegal for woman. Why are you feminists more crazy for special rights than for the true health of woman? It makes no sense.

And I am not a racist. I am an American. And being an American I see that we have a problem with our borders and all the Mexicans flooding in to take jobs and trade drugs and bring crime. Asia is a major source for hookers. Also flu and other disease. That is a recipe for disaster. Dont we have a responsibilty to say to infected illegal immoral people, “Sorry you dont have a visa to come to the US so you cant.” People like you want to say YES. Why why why? I dont think you have mental stablilty.

And dont call me out and say these cruel things about me. You dont know me. I am very happy with wonderful children and we are happy but I want the best for my sons so I express my opinions and you people shouldnt deny me that. Isnt free speech part of the liberal agenda anyhow?

Comment by Janice

you site is broken my comment didnt show.

Comment by Janice


Comment by Janice

your site is still not working !!!!!!!!

Comment by Janice


Comment by Janice

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