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Right-Wing Crazies Hop On Rhode Island Bandwagon
August 10, 2009, 2:13 am
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On Tuesday I made a passing mention of Chris Hedges’ piece on gonzo porn, which has been making its way around the internet lately.  It’s but a small part of the Pulitzer-winning writer’s new book The Empire Of Illusion, which–at least according to the blurb on Amazon–argues that we’re moving into a post-literate world where spectacle takes precedent over all else.  (I haven’t read the book yet, but that argument doesn’t strike me as particularly new.  Still, I might read it sooner or later.)  As I pointed out the other day, you don’t get the deepest answers from people when they’re working at a trade show.  (Renegade Evolution has more on Hedges’ description of performer Arianna Jollee.)

Anyway, someone’s gone and linked Hedges’ argument to prostitution in Rhode Island.  (Oh boy!) It’s Judith Reisman over at humanevents.com, whose article “Profs For Prostitution?” brings the condescending use of quotation marks to a new low.  “Professors” is in quotes.  So is “sensible.”  And “indoors.” And “more education.”  And “childhood abuse.”  All with undisguised disdain.  (And I thought Donna Hughes was bad when she referred to sex as “it.”)

The article argues, if I can follow Reisman’s meandering and not-particularly-coherent logic, that education is pointless for female sex workers.  Also she’s under the impression that Rhode Island traffics in brothel tourism, which I think would surprise anyone that actually lived here. Oh, and she also makes slave parallels.  (Relatedly, one comment on the post refers to “lippy niggers.”  That’s her audience, apparently.)

Previously, Reisman posted about the recent teen stripper incident, injecting the Providence Journal article with a large dose of crazy.  “Rhode Island children are paid to do the bump and grind (“dance”) with their bare breasts exposed for boozed up bar gawkers,” she says, ignoring so very many facts in one sentence that it’s basically impossible to argue with.*

But then, we’re also talking about a woman who compared the Gay Lesbian Straight Educational Network to the Hitler Youth.  And blames gays for the Holocaust, or something.

[*But, okay, I will.  1) One teenager is not “children.”  2) The girl in question wasn’t from Rhode Island.  3) She told people she was twenty and had an ID to back her up; since there is no reason for club owners to want minors in their establishment, it may have been an honest mistake.  4) Though most reports call her a runaway, she was living in Providence with a forty-year old ex-con who came from the same city she did.  So maybe this whole plan wasn’t entirely her idea. 5) No one has said “bump and grind” since at least 1996.  6) There is no reason for the word “dance” to be in quotes.]

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