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Horton Hears A Boo
August 10, 2009, 1:25 pm
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The National Organization for Marriage–you know, those people who forecast using advanced Doppler Crazy-thousand technology–will be holding a celebration of traditional marriage in Warwick, Rhode Island this coming Sunday.  The event includes a speech by national NOM president Maggie Gallagher, as well as music and free ice cream.  Some friends and I are thinking of going, just to see.  Also, you know, free ice cream!  And it’s all taking place at the Catholic Diocese-owned mansion that also provided much of the setting for Brad Pitt snoozeathon Meet Joe Black!

Anyway, a flap erupted recently after Wesli at the Providence Daily Dose checked out the sponsor list.  Besides the usual suspects–local food distributors, a wedding photographer, and a law firm–one of the event’s sponsors was beloved Canadian donut chain Tim Horton’s.  And Since Wesli posted the story’s been picked up by everybody from change.org and gay blogs to art and media outlets.

Tim Horton’s just posted a statement on their website, though, affirming what some already suspected:  the sponsorship came from one local franchisee and wasn’t approved by the corporate office.  There’s about fifty Tim Horton’s locations in Rhode Island, so I’m not sure which one people’s ire should be directed at, though I’m sure someone will figure that out soon.  (Personally, I’ve always liked the chain, as far as things like that go, mainly because they serve their baked goods on real plates and don’t automatically stuff everything into waxy bags with 425 napkins.)

UPDATE:  It was apparently the regional office and not any one particular franchise.  Although I’m sure you know that already, since everybody and their mother has already reported on it.

[photo via Flickr]

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