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Update On RI Prostitution Stuff
August 1, 2009, 6:30 pm
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On July 21st State Reps David Segal and Edith Ajello published an editorial in the Providence Journal, stating the reasons why they both voted against anti-prostitution legislation every time it’s come up.  I know David personally–he started the local news blog I write for–and I know that his opinions about prostitution are more or less the same as mine.  That’s why I was surprised by one sentence in the piece.  After pointing out the flaws of threatening trafficked women with deportation or jail, the editorial asks a question:

Where does this leave the remaining women, likely the large majority of prostitutes, who engage in sex work by choice, whether out of economic hardship or because of substance-abuse problems?

Because, um, those are the only two options?  (And economic hardship and substance abuse problems are choices?)  I mean, economic hardship is a relative term, I guess, and I can’t think of many people that wouldn’t say they’re currently facing one, but come on guys.

Well, it turns out that that’s not what was originally written.  In a piece on the Providence Daily Dose, Segal mentions that the journal added the “whether” after the fact.

Here’s how it originally read: “Where does this leave the remaining women — likely the large majority of prostitutes — who engage in sex work by choice, out of economic necessity, or because of substance abuse problems?

See the difference one added word can make?  Apparently the ProJo editors couldn’t possibly fathom the idea of women performing sex work by choice.  And I can only begin to guess why they changed “economic necessity” to “economic hardship.”

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