Mixtapes for Hookers

Sunday News

The twentieth Feminist Carnival of Sexual Freedom and Autonomy is up now on Loserdust. Some interesting posts there, including her own, although I still don’t know whether a “list of links to feminist blog posts” can rightfully be described as a “carnival.”

In very depressing news, New England may be climactically unsuitable for cranberry growing in the future.  This saddens me to no end, because cranberries are God’s candy and also the single best thing about Massachusetts.

Celebrated hipster/artist Dash Snow died on Monday at the age of 27.  While I don’t dislike his work, it never really grabbed me, either.  (I did once appropriate one of his Polaroids for my last roommate’s housewarming party invitation, though.  Ahhh, the days of being surrounded by art books and a terrible copy machine.)

This article about prostitution, human trafficking, and a certain URI women’s studies professor is five years old now, but still worth reading.

In disgusting news, I now know that there exists in this world a creature that eats and replaces the tongue of its host.  And now I am going to die of fear.

I’m not a huge Shepherd Fairey fan, but I do really like his new Aung San Syu Kyi poster.

When I was in seventh grade,  our health teacher passed around a list of diseases and we each had to pick one to do a research report on.  I got to go first, and, based solely on the name, I very enthusiastically chose Toxic Shock Syndrome, much to my later middle-school boy dismay.  For similar name-liking reasons, I spent a lot of time this week learning about Coffee Hag Albums.

Look, Alan Rickman and Juliet Stevenson and Kristin Scott Thomas are all in urns, reading Beckett.

Telly does Joni.

Girls Making Boy Sounds.

Honor Society are the first group signed to the Jonas Brothers’ new label.  For some reason I can’t quite put my finger on, I think they’re all really hot.

Walter Van Bierendonck used hunky bears in his s/s ’10 show.  Unfortunately, the clothes aren’t particularly exciting.

Regardless of whether or not this really is Michael Stipe, my fourteen year old self just kinda got an awkward boner.  (NB: I totally understand people who think he’s not very attractive, but a big part of my sexual development took place during the Monster era, and that’s still one of my favorite albums, as well as an extremely sexy album.)

Speaking of shirtless pictures of people you probably don’t think are very sexy, check out the young Christopher Walken!

I knew that Cyndi Lauper wasn’t the first person to do Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, but for some reason it never occurred to me to look for the original.  Until now.

Finally, I don’t have a dog, so that means I never get to post cute pictures of my dog doing cute things, like drinking out of teacups.  That’s why I have to post other people’s. [via Echidne of the Snakes]

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