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Another New Franz Ferdinand Video
July 2, 2009, 11:18 pm
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It’s been five months since the Franz Ferdinand album came out and I could still sing its praises joyously.  In a year when everyone from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to the Noisettes to Shakira to Bat For Lashes have been partying like it’s 1977, Franz Ferdinand have added an intriguingly (and, in my opinion, necessary) masculine counterpoint.

Can’t Stop Feeling, though a great song, isn’t one of the standouts of the album, but it’s being released in the UK anyway as a single on Monday.  Unfortunately, the video takes all the sultry, sexy, suit-wearing aura of the album’s artwork and previous singles and replaces it with, uh, something that can best be described as “most reminiscent of recent Weezer.”  There’s awful face-making, pointlessly low-budget effects, and Alex Kapranos is wearing a sweater that kind of looks like it has water stains.  Why, I ask you. Why?  When the song is about, oh, thirty times as much fun as it looks like they’re pretending to be having…

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