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Senate Vote on RI Anti-Prostitution Bill Tonight
June 25, 2009, 3:39 pm
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Tonight the Rhode Island senate is going to be voting on the anti-prostitution bill.  It doesn’t seem like it’s going to pass, which is a good thing, and it also doesn’t seem like people are even that interested; the Providence Journal article about the senate hearings mentioned that six of the ten senators on the committee didn’t even stay to hear all the testimony.

That didn’t stop URI professor Donna Hughes from calling the event a circus, though.  In an editorial published yesterday she describes the “outrageous appearance” of people who didn’t support the bill, mentioning, basically, that one had tattoos and the others were Asian (!).  Megan from Oh Megan–the one with the tattoos pictured above–responded with a letter that’ll be published in tomorrow’s Journal:

Putting quotation marks around my profession was insulting. And yes, it is not “made up” that I am a contributor to the sex-workers magazine $pread. Is it so shocking that sex-workers can read?

It’s true, Hughes does like to use quotation marks, even referring to sex in her editorial as “it.”  If she were my grandmother, that would make sense and be fine, but this woman teaches women’s studies and was presumably raised at some point after 1930.  You’d think her views of sex would be a little less spinsterish.  But no.  At least the editorial has a bright side, in that she’s pessimistic about the bill actually passing.

In other news, Taiwan today (or yesterday, I guess, or maybe tomorrow–I don’t understand time zones) opted to decriminalize prostitution, thanks to sex workers advocating for their own rights.

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