Mixtapes for Hookers

Sunday News


Or, things I saw on the internet this week but didn’t write posts about:

Russian man gets penis enlarged by three inches, then changes mind when the chicks don’t dig it. [via The Edge of Vanilla]

New Dragonette! New Dragonette! New Dragonette! [via, oddly, Sexual Ambiguities]

My new favorite Tumblr. Mainly because its very first post (two months ago) is still possibly the best.

Is your Jason Mraz lyrics?! [via My Ecdysis]

This interpolation of I Got Your Man makes no sense, and does nothing to change my feeling that Robyn peaked creatively in 1996.  The Girl and the Robot’s growing on me, though, but it has little to do with her and everything to do with Royksopp.

There’s a new site for the 2010 New York Sexbloggers calendar.  Coincidentally, I just got around to hanging up my 2009 calendar this past week.  Hopefully the ’10 edition will be more practical and not fill up every single box with messages.  (I forgot about two events I was supposed to go to today and no matter how many times I try Google calendar just isn’t my thing.  Arggh.) [via Debauched Domestic Diva]

In New Zealand, a “sexual appetite” is akin to having a “dark side.” I mean, I’ve seen Once Were Warriors, but Jesus.  (Actually, this is an article about an escort who fell in love with one of her clients and then killed him when she caught him with another woman. Tawdry!) [via $pread]

The Ivor Novello Awards, which are British awards for songwriting, were presented on Thursday.  The Ting Tings, somewhat surprisingly, won for Best Album. [via This Is Fake DIY]

This is quite possibly the sleaziest porn I’ve ever seen.  Just hearing 30 seconds of that music gave me a popper headache, and by the end I felt like I should be puking Jager. [via Sperm My Cumhole]

Teairra Mari’s new single has a video with terrible acting at the beginning and a crazy neon paint towards the end.  The song’s chorus sounds like it should be a sample, but isn’t.  It’s kind of an anti-chorus, really.

I really like Melody Gardot’s old-timey video for Baby I’m A Fool.  At first I was thinking she sounded like Adele, but then I realized the song just sounds like jazz for old people.  In other words, I feel like a big lamewad for liking it as much as I do.

OK, off to shower.  If you’re in Providence, there’s a fair chance you’ll see me dancing at Xanadon’t tonight.  That is, if I can convince the BF to leave the house.

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