Mixtapes for Hookers

In Other News…

*Gay marriage is now legal in Maine.  Rhode Island’s definitely behind the curve, especially considering the fact that half the state (including the mayor of the capital) is gay.  But, you know, we also have a governor who has anti-abortion rallies inside the State House and a first lady who thinks that Cambodian teenagers are all terrorists.

*Fred Phelps and his hatemobile will be coming to Rhode Island at the end of the month.  Even if you sympathize with all the fag-hating, I think he should be counter-protested for his stance on the country that brought us Ace of Base.

*Speaking of that country, Roxette are getting dressed for success again, re-uniting for the first time since Marie Fredkrickson had some kind of horrible-sounding brain tumor a few years ago.

*The Sam Adams thing still isn’t over.  I am actually considering a lengthy essay on Beau Breedlove, Zac Efron, sexting, and why our society thinks it’s okay to sexualize seventeen-year olds but forbids anyone to go near them until their eighteenth birthday.  But, you know, I never write the lengthy essays I say I’m going to write.

*Solange just gets continually awesomer.

*Oh, and Kylie Minogue is doing six North American dates soon.  Chicago tickets go on sale tomorrow, I’m not sure about New York.

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