Mixtapes for Hookers

For Christ’s Sake
April 9, 2009, 3:17 pm
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The Beau Breedlove issue of Unzipped is out and, um, he’s not actually naked in it beyond the almost-but-not-quite-side-ass-view on the cover.  Sucks to be you, foolish reader of shrinkwripped magazines!  I have to admit that Breedlove actually looks pretty good in the spread, having gotten a little less twinky over time, though I think his head can only be photographed from certain angles to avoid his looking prissy.  Probably eyebrow tweezing is also part of the problem.

Of course, Unzipped was the one that “exclusively” got shirtless pictures of him back in January, after Breedlove had posted them on this little-known private forum called Myspace.  Then they made fun of Sam Adams for being old, convinced Breedlove to take his clothes off and then, um, now won’t show anything x-rated  to however many people planned to actually leave their houses to buy a printed copy of a gay dirty magazine in 2009.  One that claimed to show Breedlove, fresh from his affair, revealing all.  (Fresh from the affair that happened in 2005, mind you.)  You know what else happened in 2005?  This.  Yeah, way to be fresh, Unzipped.  No wonder people don’t care about printed media anymore.  Jesus.

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