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Dirty Pop
March 6, 2009, 11:16 am
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One thing that’s annoying about not being an academic, or respected in any sort of practical way, is that I don’t have excuses to go to conferences. No matter how much fun they sound.

For instance, I’ll be missing out on “Dance Music Sex Romance: Pop and the Body Politic,” which will be taking place in Seattle next month. The chance to see Greil Marcus (the man that wrote Lipstick Traces) and Diane Warren (the woman that wrote “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now”) in the same room?! (Or, you know, at least the same conference center?!)

Looking over the program, the most exciting part seems to be when Ann Powers and Daphne Carr and Sarah Dougher put together a feminist working group:

In a pop scene with room for both transgendered divo Antony Hegarty and inexhaustible man-izer Britney Spears, nontraditional displays of sexuality are almost normative. If “deviance” or “symbolic rebellion” are devalued as political acts as they enter mainstream culture, what role should feminism play in reanimating conversation on the subject? How do you continue to make these subjects meaningful within the context of your teaching, writing, artistic production and performance, or other work? This discussion is open to all, but also serves as a way for feminist conference participants to meet and create connections.

Except for that last sentence doesn’t that sound awesome?

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