Mixtapes for Hookers

Sex Music For Sex People
March 6, 2009, 1:07 pm
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I made a new mixtape, but thanks to various other deadlines (and trying to skip out early today) I don’t think I’ll be posting it until Monday.  Just so you know.

Also related to music and sex, when I have a little more time I plan to read and review this anthology, which is apparently only $4.99 in e-book form.  Not that I’ve ever read an e-book before. Featured authors include:

* Jocelyn Bringas
* Eve Carpenter
* Heidi Champa
* Jeremy Edwards
* Mark Farley
* Greydancer
* Delilah T. Jones
* Shanna Katz
* Janne Lewis
* Zach Lindley
* Jincey Lumpkin, Esg.
* Madlyn March
* Mia
* NookieNotes
* J. M. Snyder
* Craig Sorensen
* Jack Stratton
* Elizabeth St John
* Mariana Tolentino
* Brandi Woodlawn
* Rachel Kramer Bussel

I have no idea what kind of stories are in it, or who 90% of the writers are, but it seems like something I should be aware of.

[via Writing Dirty]

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