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Mixtape Monday: Fall Mix
September 23, 2008, 12:58 am
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I’ve had this blog for fifty-three weeks now, and this is the twenty-eighth mix, which means I’m doing what I’m supposed to at least half the time.  Fall’s when I tend to listen to lots of Pulp and other British things I liked in high school, and that’s mostly where this mix comes from.  The Television Personalities and Soup Dragons songs were both on a mixtape I listened to a lot around the turn of the millennium, that had been sent around as part of a tape tree on the Sinister List for Belle and Sebastian fans.

Remember tape trees?  I wish stuff like that still existed.

I almost added a Mazzy Star song after I heard Flowers In December at dinner tonight, but I decided not so since I didn’t want to take any of the other songs off.  And I have a song from the Jesus and Mary Chain covers project, so, uh, that’s kinda close, sort of.  Anyway, the fall mix is a little slow and a little on the pretty side, so I wouldn’t recommend it for bondage sessions, unless you’re good at working off slow, pretty British music.

As always, I’d like to remind you that if you like the music, you should use some of your hard-earned money to buy it.  From a store.  A real, honest-to-goodness store, if you live somewhere that still has things like CD stores.

Side A / Side B

1. Sandy Denny, The Sea Captain
2. The Delgados, Pull The Wires From The Wall
3. The Clientele, (I Want You) More Than Ever
4. The Associates, Kites
5. Beach House, Home Again
6. Tim Buckley, Phantasmagoria In Two
7. Lykke Li, Tonight
8. International Airport, Melodica #2
9. Sam Phillips, My Career In Chemistry

10. Television Personalities, King and Country
11. Oliver North Boy Choir, Teenage Lust
12. Pivot, Fool In Rain
13. Kate Bush, Hounds Of Love
14. Manda Rin, DNA
15. Soup Dragons, Hang-Ten!
16. Pulp, Please Don’t Worry
17. Saint Etienne, Join Our Club
18. Sleeper, Good Luck Mr Gorsky

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